*** MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT, NEW LOCATION!!! Route 38 & Route 70 in the Super Wawa shopping center, with Harbor Freight on the Route 38 Side. New locations 4 entrances shown on this MAP: www.facebook.com/anygarmentcleaners Any questions, its Phone Number is: (856) 320-4439  Visit us for Same Day Service and to be amazed by Ben’s modern decor at Superstore #4 ***
Any Garment Dry Cleaned and Pressed is only $1.99 per piece. No Limit!  Yes you are reading correctly. All of our 4 locations, it’s only $1.99 for ANY GARMENT DRY CLEANED & PRESSED. Our clients prefer the no-surprise, totally open approach to pricing. We produce each garment, beautifully cleaned and pressed, for only $1.99 each. With all work done on premises, Same Day Service is the Same Low Price for both Dry Cleaning and Laundered Shirts.
FOUR locations represent ONE COMPANY proudly serving Southern New Jersey. We are NOT a franchise, nor affiliated in any way with similarly named or imitated storefronts in NJ or the other states. In our 4 stores, Ben and his coins make it clear you’re in the right place for extraordinary service and an upbeat, positive experience.